La Binchoise Reserve

Last beer of the night at Monk’s CafeSee here for original post.

La Binchoise Reserve – Bottle

Ah… I am sad to say that this was my last beer of the night at Monk’s.  By this time, I was reveling in the beerness that is Monk’s and I was probably a bit drunk, as well.  Good thing I took good notes…

This beer was on suggestion from Stasia… I left it up to her to tell me what to choose since she has probably tasted more beer than I in her 7 years.  So, she pulled this $9 bottle out and let me have at it.  I definitely had to let this one warm up… coming out of an ice-cold fridge would do me no good.  As it warmed and I continued to smell it… I probably looked a bit strange just sitting their, kind of tipsy, smelling my beer… Anyhow, as I smelled it, it opened up and I could smell the belgian yeast and what reminded me of scotch, whiskey, or bourbon… The taste was solid.  As I noted in my tasting notes, this was like having a good Belgian Style Amber… just like the label says.  Good head, as well.  9% ABV.

All in all, I noted that this was a great, solid belgain amber that needed to be tasted at the suggested 50 – 54° F. 

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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