Issaquah Brewery

Today was a bit of a red-letter day. For the first time in probably six months, I broke with the traditional Samm-J and, accompanied by trouble, made my merry way over to the Issaquah Brewery, our reasonably local but sadly neglected Rogue micro-brew meeting house in dowtown Issaquah.

Things haven’t changed much since last time I was there – the furniture’s still rickety, the decor’s eclectic and interesting, the Kobe burgers are still great, and the beer selection is really not to be sniffed at.

A Roguish menu

We tried a few, including:

Given that it’s the Issaquah Brewery, I guess nobody should really be surprised that yes, they brew on-site, too. Here’s a quick peek round the door….

The Grail itself...

And finally, they have a darn fine looking selection of bottled ale – their own, some domestics, and an intriguingly expensive selection of imports – that I need to go investigate real soon now. Perhaps, tomorrow.

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