Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

You have to be ready for this beer… If you think it is going to be like any other standard IPA you have tasted, that is where you would be very, very wrong.  Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA hits you with an interestingly mild and flowery taste that seems to hold the hops back from hitting you too hard.  At 60 IBU, it really isn’t that strong… I guess I thought it would be.  It was also much silkier than I expected. 

Overall, I am still a bit flumoxed by this beer, to be honest.  I think I am supposed to like it, based on everything I have read, but it didn’t stick with me.  I wasn’t thinking, “holy crap this one fine IPA.”  I was more on the side of, “this beer confuses me with its flavors.”  So, I am going to throw this in the middle until I can have it again…  I think I may change my mind, but then again, you never know. 

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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7 Responses to Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

  1. Chipper Dave says:

    Wonder how this stacks up with their yummy 90-minute IPA. Haven’t tried this one yet but I really LOVED their 90 Minute version.

  2. dugpark says:

    Not sure, but I have a bottle in the fridge… maybe I will try it out tonight! 🙂

  3. Jamoosh says:

    This is one of my favorite IPAs. Interestingly enough, both myself and a good friend of mine (another hop-head) prefer the 60 Minute to the 90 Minute (or even the 120 Minute). Good stuff.

  4. dugpark says:

    Yet another poster that convinces me I should try this beer again. 🙂 I don’t know if I like the price of the 120 Minute enough to buy it, to be honest…

  5. The first time I had a 60 minute I had it in a tasting followed by the 90 minute so you could really tell the differences that adding more hops makes. Its cool if you didn’t really dig the 60 but don’t give up on Dogfish Head… try the 90 minute first 🙂 Their festina peche is also awesome if you’re into the peche/lambic scene.

    Happy tasting!

  6. dugpark says:

    Definitely not giving up on them and I know I need to try this one again. The Aprihop was quite good… had it just the other day. I had the festina peche on tap at a local place… it was good, as well. I like the suggestion of tasting them back to back. Maybe I will even throw in the 120 minute, as well. 🙂

  7. Chris says:

    I think this beer is great. I live in Ontario, Canada, so we are very limited on IPA’S for some reason. It is very hard to find any good American IPA’S here. I have to make my own. My recipe is copied from this beer. If you lived up here, you would know what I am talking about. Beer wasteland.

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