Mac and Jack’s Serengeti Wheat

With most of a week on the road ahead of me, I thought I’d get things off to a flying start by sampling a couple different beers from the range available at the Africa Lounge in SeaTac airport, which provides a slightly bizarre fusion of Northwest ales and faux-safari ambiance. Despite the Mac & Jack/African Amber connection, I’m not entirely convinced by the whole experience.. but what the heck, the beer’s what counts so let’s get stuck in…

First up was a pint (actually, more! the “large” size glass is pretty huge), and like a dusty bison diving into the waterhole after several days trekking across the burning Serengeti, the first quaff hit the spot with a refreshing burst of zesty lemon, wheat and hops that for some reason reminded me of a lemon-poppyseed muffin.

After I threw the stupid bit of lemon on a plastic sword away, things calmed down a bit, enough to let me appreciate the golden charm of the ale itself, the wheatyness of the aroma, and the actual flavour of the beer. But, unfortunately, it didn’t really do all that much for me – not bad by a long shot, not quite what I was after either.

Serengeti Wheat

Incidentally – note the root beer in the background. If he gets his ass into gear, you might find some notes on that over at one of these days…

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road

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