Baltika 3

Baltika 3 comes all the way from Russia… and I wish they hadn’t wasted their time bringing it, to be honest. After a hot sweaty afternoon working on my yard, I needed something cold, sparkling, refreshing and restorative. I hoped this would be it – and while it was cold, I’m pretty sure the makers of Baltika 3 can’t claim much credit for that. It wasn’t particularly sparking, and it definitely wasn’t refreshing or restorative.

While it poured and looked like some kind of generic lager, this was a faintly unpleasant brew that smelt musty and tasted worse. Obviously I finished the bottle, but the back half of it was definitely more of a chore than a pleasure.

Apparently there are 8 more beers in the range and I’ll probably keep an eye out for them just to say I’ve tried them, but overall this isn’t something I’ll be going back to often in the future.

Baltika 3

JBB6 Rating: Just Not Right

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