Kasteel Rouge

Oh man.  What a beer for the cul-de-sac tonight.  Kasteel Rouge made it to my fridge after my last Malt & Vine trip where I asked for something good and cherry.  I don’t know why, but ever since the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, I have been jonesing for another good cherry beer.  Well, my friends, look no further.

Kasteel Rouge has a long legacy of cherriness.  A Belgian beer that has stood the test of time by carefully infusing this prime brown ale with cherries.  See below for their explanation:

Castle Red is the fruit beer of the Castle range.
Its unique dark red colour is obtained by mixing Castle brown that has been left to mature for at least 6 months with sour cherries.
This beer has gastronomic qualities and can be drunk as an aperitif, with a BBQ, to accompany a dessert or simply as an outstanding real ale.

I opened this for some new guests tonight and we all quickly agreed that it smelled good, looked good, and tasted good.  You could definitely smell the cherries as you poured, leaving a 1/2 inch head at the top of the glass.  The beer is a dark red color, amber to ruby in nature.  The taste is pure and simple cherry.  It isn’t trying to hide the fact that it has cherry in it… oh no, it announces it with flair and pizazz and a bullhorn.  The good thing about it, though, is that it is finely intertwined.  It is not a syrup, it is not too strong on the Belgian aspect.  It is purely good, clean, refreshing ale that will really be enjoyable this summer.  At 8% ABV, it isn’t too light on that aspect either! 🙂

Oh… and their website… old school interesting.  Worth a peruse, for sure.

JBB6 Rating: For the Win


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2 Responses to Kasteel Rouge

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  2. Ali says:

    I had this while visiting Belgium last Spring and I’m dying to find in somewhere in California. Any suggestions?

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