Allagash Black

We are going to have one hell of a summer.  I can tell already.  Whenever the weather is nice, the cul-de-sac just knows to get together in the middle, bring whatever is in the fridge, and start BBQing.  Last night it was hot dogs and potatoe wedges.  Oh… and lots and lots of beer.  I think we went through about 2 cases in the 7 hours of drinking… In the middle of it, I brought out one of my newer purchases… a 750 ml of Allagash Black.  I poured 4 glasses and the tasting commenced.

There was definite consensus on this beer… which could have been good but it wasn’t.  In a nutshell, it had very, very mediocre reviews from the tasting squad.  We were comparing it to the New Belgium 1554 and saying that the reasonably priced New Belgium beats the $14.99 bottle of Allagash, hands down.  More flavor, more of a roasted smell and taste.  The Allagash was just very Middle of the Road.  If it were a more reasonable price, I might consider buying it again… it wasn’t bad beer by any means… but at $14.99, I expect more of the experience we had when we opened the Kasteel Rouge the other night.  Overall, the low flavor, light taste, nothing outstanding Allagash Black left me underwhelmed… that is two strikes for Allagash, so far… 😦

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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