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Don’t get too excited… this isn’t the champagne version of Cristal… this is the beer version.  Cristal the beer version hales from our Peruvian friends in South America and is significantly cheaper… and for good reason.  This lager, while touted as … Continue reading

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Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat

Sunset Wheat… Went to the weekly pool & drinking get-together at Mustard Seed Grill and Pub near Factoria and ran into this little beauty. These folks know how to brew wheat beer first and then definitely know how to flavor … Continue reading

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Trader Jose’s Dark Lager

Picked this up at Trader Joe’s the other day.  Thought it was actually branded the name of the store, but then read closer when I got home and found it to be Jose… not Joe… confusion ensued and I fell … Continue reading

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Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde

Enjoying the summer day at home and decided to pop a refreshing-sounding bottle of top-shelf brew.  Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde was right in front, so there it went. Overall… I wish I could have tasted the strawberry.  I definitely noticed a … Continue reading

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Bayern Amber Lager

Bottle number 2 from my sampler 12 back happens to be Bayern Amber Lager (bottle 1 here).  We really don’t taste nearly as many lagers on this blog as ales, so this one and the last Bayern come as a bit … Continue reading

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Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager

I was attacked by a pirate tonight… He was trying to take my beer but I was able to fend him off with an easy stiff-arm to the forehead…  Good thing since I really was enjoying this beer and I … Continue reading

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Bayern Brewing Pilsener Lager

According to the Bayern Brewing website, it sounds like this is about as close as you can get to German beer without being in Germany… if you are on the western side of the United States (they are in Missoula, … Continue reading

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Pyramid Crystal Wheat Ale

A quickie tonight.  Tried this yesterday and didn’t like it that much… read a few things about gold medals, so thought I would try another and I haven’t changed my mind.  So what is all the hubbub about Pyramid Crystal … Continue reading

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New Belgium Old Cherry

Had a New Belgium Old Cherry tonight.  Had very high hopes going in, to be honest.  I was dissappointed.  After having the likes of Kasteel Rouge or even Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat, I think I have potentially unrealistic expectations for the cherry beer genre.  I … Continue reading

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Port Brewing Old Viscosity Ale

I decided to open up one of the brews that has been sitting in the fridge for way too long tonight.  You see… I have this problem in that I collect and buy more than I can blog lately.  After a … Continue reading

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