Rolling Rock Extra Pale Ale

This past weekend I decided to go a little old school and bring out The Rock… that is, Rolling Rock Extra Pale Ale.  I have to tell you folks that this isn’t going to be good… you have had your warning.

First and foremost, this isn’t an ale… this is lager all the way… American Lager if that is any indication… and moving on…

Latrobe’s brew tastes a bit like a skunk’s secretion gland… but skunky isn’t quite adequate.  I see now why their advertisements are actually so cool and their marketing team is doing a good job… they have to… the beer can’t sell itself.

This green bottled beer isn’t meant for anything but consumption by folks that either don’t know any better or don’t have a choice.  As you open the bottle, your nostrils are assaulted with that skunky beer smell and you wish you hadn’t bought an entire six pack… damn it.  The taste isn’t any better and just leaves you unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

Needless to say this one won’t consciously be making it into my belly again.

JBB6 Rating: Just Not Right


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5 Responses to Rolling Rock Extra Pale Ale

  1. kate says:

    you’re a jackass with horrible taste. how about you do something with your extra time besides putting your worthless 2 cents on the internet.

  2. Scott says:

    I actually like Rolling Rock very much. It doesn’t have that over powering taste that so many others do.

    • dugpark says:

      A much nicer way of saying you disagree vs. the other guy on this post. Thanks for the opinion, Scott. Keep drinking what you like. 🙂

  3. Derrick S. says:

    I have never seen Rolling Rock advertise it’s beer as a Pale Ale. As you pointed out, it is a lager not an ale. Just because it says “Extra Pale” does not mean it says “Pale Ale”. I wish this issue would get cleared up.

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