Lang Creek Huckleberry N’ Honey

Another Montana beer for our tasting pleasure tonight.  This one hales from Marion, Montana which is west of Kalispell which is where we used to go for visits to a call center that took calls for the organization I was working for which was a cool little town.

Anyhow, this beer, like its sort-of-neighbor from last night, just didn’t do the great State of Montana justice.  I hate to say it, but Lang Creek Huckleberry N’ Honey really, really didn’t do it for me.  Now, the story behind the brewery is great and all, and it looks like one of their beers has won some awards, so I won’t write them off completely, but this one was my best first impression.

Unlike last night, this one had a clear taste… no chemicals.  The problem is, I don’t think they are using very good beer to start things off.  I have come to find that the key distinction in having a great tasting flavored beer is to start with a simple, standard brew that could stand on its own as a great beer.  Kasteel Rouge has this.  So does Pyramid’s Apricot Weizen.  Both start great and then they gently infuse (Pyramid) or full force throw it at you (Kasteel), but either way, the beer is great to begin with.

So, overall review is that this one came up short by not having a good, solid beer in the first place and that just throws the whole thing off.  Oh… and yes, I can taste the huckleberry… no, I cannot taste the honey… yet again.  Sorry Lang Creek.  I want to like you…

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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