Bud Light Lime

I headed into this a bit scared after my last foray into flavored Budweiser territory… <shiver>.  But, I had a little faith since I bought a six pack this time.  We were having mexican for dinner, so I figured I would pick something that would go good with tacos… Bud Light Lime seemed like a logical choice. 🙂

I must admit… second macro of the week that I actually don’t mind.  This one, in fact, is pretty decent… as far as lagers go, they put enough lime in there to cover up the shittiness that normally is Bud Light and made it drinkable.  I couldn’t stand it by itself, but with this amount of lime… they even did a good job of balancing how strong vs. sweet it is.  I think I posted yesterday about how flavored beer needed a good base beer or else it was doomed… this one bucks this, proving an exception to every absolute.

The beer itself is light, clean looking, tastes and smells a good deal like lime.  Tastes a good deal like lime, too, which saves it.  If I had this next to the Miller Chill, I am not sure which would win… but neither taste to bad to me. 

They even have a free remix and ring tone of “Lights Out” by Santogold.  Might as well go and grab it… free always = good. 🙂

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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