BridgePort Stumptown Tart

Kept the wife up a bit to sit with me while I tasted tonight’s brew.  Can’t say either of us enjoyed the experience, though, which is unfortunate. 

On the docket was a really cool looking bottle from “Oregon’s Oldest Craft Brewery” BridgePort Stumptown Tart.  Being that it is “Oregon’s Oldest Craft Brewery”, and being that the label kicks ass, I thought this would be another one I could rank up there with the Monk’s Flemish Ale… I was so, so mistaken.

BridgePort has had mixed reviews on this blog.  The last “Big Brew” from them was pretty good… their BridgePort Old Knucklehead.  I wish I could say the same here, really I do.

The problem with the Stumptown Tart is that it is too tart with no counterbalance.  I have caught myself doing the Dumb and Dumber piss drinking tick twice since I started the bottle.  I actually prefered the beer at about 45 degrees vs. when I let it warm up to 53 degrees or so.  Still, the nice color and pour and label just couldn’t overcome the lackluster performance of this too-tart-for-its-own-good beer.

JBB6 Rating: Just Not Right


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4 Responses to BridgePort Stumptown Tart

  1. Mike Pearce says:

    I tried this last night and I actually enjoyed it. My impression is that it’s probably a beer to drink like a wine…in small doses and with food. I can imagine many cheeses pairing nicely with it. The alcohol content is up there! Nice blog.

  2. dugpark says:

    I may give this one another chance in the right circumstance, to your point… maybe an acquired taste. 🙂 Thank you for checking us out!

  3. Rich Welch says:

    I sounds like this is more in the category of Lambic style ale. I was going to suggest Lindemans Lambic, but it is very tart as well, but I know the Frambois has a nice sweetness to go with it. It is very similar to a wine or champagne or “green wine.” Definitely not bold enough to have with an entree, but apps or desserts (esp fruity chocolate combos) are great.

  4. dugpark says:

    I am always game for something good… Lindemans Lambic, huh… I will keep an eye out for it next time I am at Malt & Vine in the area here. They have a great selection.

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