Skagit River “Steelie” Brown Ale

Tonight’s beer comes to us from a Skagit River Brewery in Mount Vernon, WA.  It was consumed at Sockeye’s Restaurant and Bar in good ol’ Monroe, WA (about 4 minutes from my house).  More and a picture below.

Skagit River “Steelie” Brown Ale was on tap and looked interesting, so I gave it a try as my second beer of the night.  As you can see, it is a dark amber colored beer… not really brown. 🙂  It had a good head and a good nose on it with the smell of slightly roasted malt.  The taste was slightly hoppy with a bunch of malt to finish it off.  The taste was deep and rich… good in the mouth.  Where this one didn’t make it on my list, though, was the finish.  The finish was too bitter… bad taste bitter, not Flemish Ale bitter, and it left me wanting to munch on something to mask it.  Maybe better with food at the table, but I wouldn’t get it again just at the bar.

Below is a view of the choices at Sockeye’s.  Not a bad one at all.  And the best part… $3 pints during happy hour!

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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