Don’t get too excited… this isn’t the champagne version of Cristal… this is the beer version.  Cristal the beer version hales from our Peruvian friends in South America and is significantly cheaper… and for good reason.  This lager, while touted as a major import for the US and several other countries, is far from what I would call an outstanding beer.  I think it is the first Peruvian beer on the blog and I am sure it doesn’t represent all Peruvian beer… at least lets hope not. 

Ok… so it isn’t that bad.  It isn’t something I would turn away and it is definitely better than the traditional America lagers like Bud and Miller, but it just isn’t great.  I can imagine that if I were sitting in a pub in Cusco, relaxing after a long day of taking in the ancient Inca sites, I might really think this was the stuff… I may even rate it significantly higher.  Fact of the matter is, though, I am sitting in my den just outside of Monroe, WA, and I can afford to be selective in my tastes. 🙂  So there you go.

Overall, this typical lager has more taste than American macros, but it is a bit on the bitter side and lacks the clean, crisp taste of some of the other beers from the region.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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