Bayern Dancing Trout

The third beer from my fine Bayern Brewing sampler pack.  Bayern Dancing Trout is described as a filtered ale that would resemble a filtered version of traditional hefeweizen.  This is interesting since I couldn’t really put my finger on what type of beer this truly was.  Dancing Trout has quite an interesting history that is worth checking out on their site.  I still like the old name of Trout Slayer better, but I see where they are going with the more PETA friendly version they now have.  No, that isn’t an endorsement… I am staying nuetral on the whole PETA thing to avoid any potential shenanigans from either camp, I thank you very much.

I remember thinking to myself as I was drinking this beer that it was super, super mild and easy to drink.  This was then confirmed on their website where they mention it is light and no aftertaste.  I could almost see drinking this instead of water for ther rest of my life, to be honest… it kind of tastes like it with just a little 5.4% ABV kick… I could probably fill a Camelback with it… go hiking… meetings at work… it would be good.  🙂

Anyhow, good beer… pretty standard fair but realy and truly easy to drink with very little bad or good taste.  Very middle of the road.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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