2008 Seattle International Beerfest (SIB)

I think I have finally recovered enough to write this up… hopefully my bad day-after won’t taint what great fun we really did have at this year’s 2008 Seattle International Beerfest (SIB).  So here you go… the *second* official festival/festivus/fest of the blog.

We had been planning this one for quite some time.  Ever since I heard about it, I thought it would be a great idea, so I made hotel reservations, secured a group to go and waited in anticipation.  As the day came, we of course had a few cancelations but my very good neighbor Brent was allowed to go after some good wively conversation and we hopped in the car and headed to Seattle.

All in all, pretty uneventful heading in.  We found out the hotel, Seattle Pacific Hotel, was sort of a dive, but we figured we wouldn’t care and it ended up being just fine. 

So we walked north the 3 blocks to the fest, paid our $20 for our entrance, a 4 oz glass, and 10 tickets.  You will see how those come into play in a moment.  As we walked around to get a lay of the land, we quickly realized that there were a lot of folks at this event.  Big, small, old, young.  A very diverse group.  Anyhow, our first stop just happened to be our last, as well… New Belgium La Folie.  This, by far, was the best in show for both Brent and I.  All told, we probably spent about 10 of our 30 tickets on this beer (only 1 ticket each!)… for the money, this was also probably one of the best deals at the show.


Here is the fine brew in the glass… the glass, consequently, that I left at Sport across from the Space Needle later that night.  Anyone have a glass I can have, by chance?

The following pictures were the myriad different beers we tried.  I will comment on what I remember, which will likely be less and less as the pictures continue… 🙂

Dinkel Dark… ordered this but they gave me the Dinkel Pils, so I drank that and they gave me the dark for free… sweet deal I say… thanks Dinkel!  BTW… the Pils was better than the dark.

Not memorable…

Decent pilsner…

Nothing remarkable…

Ah this one… so… I remember that I liked this more during the first 2oz than the last.  The first 2 were smooth and you could taste the oak.  The last 2, though, the oak overtook the great beer that is Arrogant Bastard… I don’t think I could drink a whole bottle of this by any means… could be wrong, though.

Always good… we had the most, “what beer is that” questions for this than for any other beer… the ladies especially liked it dark.

Very good… Rogue 10k. 

This is the western side of the fest… oposite the mural and the space needle.  There were more of the 2 and 3 ticket beers over here… more of the belgians, etc.  We didn’t spend nearly as much time here because we are cheap bastards.

This was the one that took worst of show… we actually think there was something wrong with it and Doug from Malt & Vine concurred as we ran into him at the show.

Still packed… it only rained a little… just enough to be annoying and not enough for massive wetness.

There were so many folks smoking cigars that we had to get our own.  $14 for this here La Gloria Cubana.  The cigar tent guys are geniuses for having that place…

Longest line we stood in… this was a filtered wit… very, very tasty.  Happy we got to taste it.

Don’t recall…

Don’t remember…

It stayed busy, but this corner was by the food with little beer… and less people!

The food tents.  A cheaseburger… I think… really don’t remember, actually… that tells me I was getting pretty happy right about this point, I think.

Don’t remember…

A beautiful line of coolers serving beer… brought a tear to my eye then and still does now.

Ok… this one is probably runner up for best in show.  Very tasty… pretty exclusive, from what I hear… 1 ticket was a steal!

Last standard beer of the fest… not remarkable.

So… we have a pretty lively debate with some women folk at the show regarding which beer on Brent’s shirt was the best… the first stain (top right) came from La Folie… the big long one from Ten Fidy… overall, he wore some of the best beers there very proudly… and consequently bought himself a t-shirt before we left. 🙂

We camped right where this picture was taken for the rest of the night… about 7 in a row for La Folie… so, so good.  Don’t ask about what these two are doing…

Ah… a beautiful site as we left the event.  Really was a great time.  Super happy we went and glad we had a hotel.  Next for the bad part…

We ended up down town with some folks from work… that was our mistake… not hanging out, but continuing the alcohol… especially the bad tequilla from the bar dancer… oh man.  I think that is what did me in… note to self… go straight to hotel after beerfest next year and go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little baby… 🙂  G’night.

All in all, ~17 different beers and 120 ozs over 4 wonderful hours.  Very nice.


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5 Responses to 2008 Seattle International Beerfest (SIB)

  1. Shea says:

    Hey, glad to see you went and had a good time. I too partook in the festival. You can find my notes here if interested: http://just-grapes.blogspot.com/2008/07/seattle-international-beer-festival.html

    I’m surprised you liked the 10-fiddy. I found it really medicinal. The La Folie was great, though! But maybe an acquired taste for some given how amazingly sour it was!

  2. dugpark says:

    It was great. I wish I had taken better notes after viewing your post. 🙂 I was kind of there to get away and unwind. The Ten Fidy is one of my favorites… have you had it out of the can? Maybe you had a bad glass?

  3. Brent says:

    What a blast!

  4. dugpark says:

    And the belly speaks… thanks Brent! 🙂

  5. i always make sure that i got a hotel reservation at least 1 week in advance to ensure that i got a reservation ~.”

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