Brother David’s Double Abbey Style Ale

Another beer from the Anderson Valley Brewing Company, rapidly becoming one of my favourite west-coast beer makers and, quite possibly, one of my favourites worldwide. This hand-crafted limited-edition ale just about manages to live up to their reputation.

Brother David’s Double is billed as a traditional Belgian Abbey-style ale, and provides a pleasing brown pour alive with carbonation and a strong malt and figs aroma that arouses instant anticipation. Looks great in the glass, and tastes pretty good too – despite the high ABV, there’s no overpoweing alcohol flavour, and one mahogany glass soon leads to another.

The “another” leads to some rosy cheeks to match my sunburned legs, and as the sun sets on a happy Pacific afternoon  I can’t help but think that I really like this deep brown ale. Reminds me of malt loaf and butter, walnuts and dates… a fine brew indeed.

Brother David's Double

Brother David's Double

JBB6 Rating: For the Win

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2 Responses to Brother David’s Double Abbey Style Ale

  1. The Belly says:

    I had a bottle tonight because I thought that it was some what appropriate way to start Lent. I’m not Catholic, but what the hell, let’s have a good Abbey style beer.

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