Eel River Organic IPA

Another fine weekend in the cul-de-sac and another bout of new beers to blog about.  This weekend we had an outstanding BBQ Saturday night with boneless cajun pork ribs and Kalbi Beef rib meat with a Hawaian marinad.  Tonight was as good or better with our first ever cul-de-sac theme night.  The theme was mexican and I wish I was blogging about Mexican beer… now that I think about it… but I am not.  Next theme night will have to have the beer themed, as well… should have thought of that this time.  Ah well…

Anyhow, so we tried some of the Eel River Organic IPA last night.  A neighbor down the street brought it for the 4th of July and it is just now being consumed.  Overall… not that bad, not that good.  It ended up being pretty standard fare, to be honest, and it would have probably been better if there weren’t a slight chemical taste to it.  The aftertaste had some chemical bit that hit the back of my throat and I just couldn’t shake it.  It was also much less hoppy than I would have expected.  Not super impressive… but at least I finished the bottle.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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One Response to Eel River Organic IPA

  1. nerdgirl53 says:

    unfortunately, i have to totally disagree. i think your taste buds have been overwhelmed by the over-hopped madness that is the trendy trend of these days. extreme hops do not have to be expected from every ipa. this beer is crisp and refreshing and slightly bitter with a nice buzz to it – at least the bottle i had was. when you say “not super impressive” after a clearly negative review, it is also clear that you have trouble expressing your thoughts…? i think you thought it was “not impressive whatsoever.” have a lovely day.

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