Henry Weinhards Belgian Style Wheat

Second beer of the night last night didn’t fare that well, either.  Henry Weinhards Belgian Style Wheat was new to me a while back, so I picked up a bottle to try.  Description from their website as follows:

Belgian Style Wheat is as refreshing as a beer can be. Try topping it with a wedge of citrus to complement its aromatic Cascade hops and its hints of orange and coriander. Light and crisp, it’s just what you need to keep cool during strenuous Northwest days spent hiking, boating or just plain basking.

While I agree with them that this genre of beer can be very refreshing, I absolutely don’t agree that Henry’s is the one to bring home the big bucks in this style. 

Overall, it was no where near what I would expect from a “belgian style wheat”.  It was bitter and lacked any semblence of belgian yeast.  I actually had a hard time drinking it but kept going on my endless search for good taste… hoping it would get better as it warmed up.  Nope.  No.  No better.  Not sure if it was too much coriander or not, but the orange was non-existent and the taste just wasn’t good.

Hopefully never again…

JBB6 Rating: Just Not Right


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2 Responses to Henry Weinhards Belgian Style Wheat

  1. Steve says:

    Cool blog. I just homebrewed a Belgian witbier (not going that well at the moment, though!) and thought I’d sample all the wits I could find at the closest grocery store. I bought a couple of these Weinhard’s dogs. I agree with all that you say, other than that I find the orange overpowering. It smells like Orange Crush and tastes like a bitter old orange peel. It’s a very peculiar example of the style, relative to every other Belgian wit I’ve experienced.

    • dugpark says:

      Mmmmm orange crush… 🙂 Maybe if they just went all the way with it you would actually like it… 🙂 I agree, though, that you should not even compare other belgian wit beers to this one… not even the same sport, to be honest… 🙂


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