Laughing Buddha Mango Weizen

I have been wanting to see what this beer is all about since I noticed the gigantic line of tasters at the Washington Brewers Festival.  Well, tonight provide opportunity and I took it… namely I had enough of waiting and I pulled it out off the fridge for a taste.  

Laughing Buddha Mango Weizen is an interesting beer.  Standard color, standard cloudy yellow-brown with a bit of a head.  It only comes in at 5%.  It has as somewhat floral nose but the mango definitely isn’t overpowering or in your face.  Then there is the taste… and that is where they have me.  It is slightly warmer by now, drinking out of the bottle since I have no glass where I am at.  And when I take a drink, it comes across as super, super smooth.  Barely a tingle on the tongue.  The flavor, though, is a really good micture of very subtle mango and good weizen beer.  A seemless integration of the two that doesn’t leave you polarized, but kind of right in the middle where you should be. 

Overall a fine beer that would make it into my fridge again… especially if I wanted something easy to drink and relatively safe for just about any beer drinker out there.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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