Henry Weinhard’s India Pale Ale

I noticed that Henry’s had come out with a new beer when I visited their website the other day to blog about their Belgian Style Ale… I just happened to see a 12 pack for $8.99 at my local Rite Aid today, so I figured I would pick it up and try it out. 

Henry Weinhard’s India Pale Ale offers some of the taste of a micro IPA with a lot less of the cost.  I say some because while I do like Henry’s beer, it is on the less expensive end and you do get what you pay for to some degree.  That being said, this wasn’t a bad IPA.  Beer for the value, it was quite good, in fact, and that is good in and of itself since the old guys in the cul-de-sac finished of the 12 pack in quick order… just in time for recycling tomorrow morning, in fact… thanks guys!

Taste is hoppy but not overpowering by any means.  Nose is definitely hoppier than normal Henry’s.  I didn’t get to see it in action because we drank out of the bottle, but I believe it was on the lighter side.  Taste was average.  A drinkable beer that won’t impress you or the neighbors until you tell them how much you paid. 🙂

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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