Anchor Porter

This beer has been made for nearly 4 decades… Anchor Porter has stood the test of time for beer and now has made it into my fridge.  First things first… I picked this up on Saturday, at PCC in Issaquah, WA where they actually have a very solid selection of beer.  Good job folks. 

Second things second, this beer was pretty solid.  Play by play as follows:


  1. Begin charcoal at ~5:30pm PT. 
  2. Drink several Pyramid Apricot Ales (review to follow soon).
  3. Decide, while waiting for charcoal, to try an Anchor Porter.
  4. Decide Anchor Porter is pretty good.
  5. BBQ
  6. Drink a Fat Tire that the neighbor brought over.
  7. BBQ
  8. Drink an Eel River Organic IPA that the neighbor left in my fridge.
  9. BBQ
  10. Ask who wants a beer.
  11. No one says yes.
  12. Go to get my own beer.
  13. Decide to force beer upon others.
  14. Open 4 bottles of Anchor Porter and take it to the back deck in the original six pack package.
  15. Pass out all beers and keep one for myself.
  16. Much pleasant grunting ensued.

Now, that was pretty ok, not too remarkable, but here is the actual bits about the beer… First, when you open the cap of a Anchor Porter, you notice that this bottle is definitely “contents under pressure” since it sprays your hand in the process.  Second, if you look really closely at the lip of the bottle, you will see that there is some black gooey substance that has likely leaked out… I know this because one of the bottle caps actually stuck to the lip and dripped off into the cap holder.  Anyhow, this does not detract from the experience but does force you to use a glass.  I think it is the pressure forcing some of the porter out of the bottle… others may know more.

The beer tastes good.  It has a good nose, very strong and porter-like with roasted malts and a hint of hops.  It has a relatively light body, even with the dark brown color.  And we get to the finish… which is where the rating for this beer comes from… mediocre.  In my opinion, this beer loses it at the finish and moves it into a range that you can get from others in the genre.  Not really complex, kind of watery, leaves you with a sense of smokiness, but that is it.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the road


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2 Responses to Anchor Porter

  1. Chris says:

    I first had Anchor Porter when someone left the better part of a 6-pack at my house. By the time I had finished it I was addicted, and now I don’t even want to drink any other beers. This presents a problem as the local stores seem to be dropping it from the shelves and Virginia has some really stupid laws that prevent online ordering.

    I’ll investigate some of the porters you like, but maybe you should reconsider the AP without quite so many apricot beers for a warm up!

  2. dugpark says:

    LOL… if given the chance, I will try this beer again. I will go in clean this time, too. 🙂

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