Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale

Ah Sierra Nevada… little did I know that these fine folks have been brewing beer for nearly 30 years… (28 to be exact).  And so, you would think they would know how to brew a fine beer… and they do.

Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale celebrates 28 years of expertise, experimentation, success and failure, and you can tell it is there in this complex yet even IPA.  This anniversary ale definitely has the hops in it and the IPA-ness of it jumps right out at you but the finish does’t leave you feeling liky you just got hit by the hop train… rather, it leaves you feeling like you just got off it after a beautiful little locomotion through the sunny hillside.  A very heady pour with the kind of foam that leaves big white remains on the sides of the glass as it dissapaits, a good coppery golden color and a medium body preceed the finish and make this a very, very well rounded beer.

JBB6 Rating: For the Win


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