The Lost Abbey Inferno Ale

The Lost Abbey Inferno Ale

The name of this beer stands alone as the introduction to this post and while I start to write, I feel a sense of internal conflict.  This is a wonderful beer… outstanding, IMO.  Maybe even one for the Hall of Fame if I can talk Po into it… but this beer did bad things to me… it lived up to its back label and it sent me to a form of hell that took me a really long time to get out of… ~1:00pm today, in fact and I started this bottle at 3:00pm yesterday. 

I happened upon this ale quite luckily… a good person over at Malt & Vine just happened to allow me the honor of having a single bottle from the single case that he was able to get.  I am grateful to him for this… he has my gratitude, as always, for running a fine establishment and treating people good.  Thanks Doug!

So… the beer.  As shown, it pours a beautiful golden yellow orange color with a substantial head and a cloudy body.  The smell is good… very belgian, you can smell the yeast.  I swear I picked up some citrus and coriander in there, too, but that could just be me.  The taste is near perfection.  An outstanding belgian that you can just simply tell has had a ton of love and care.  Not too strong, but the stength is there and is smoothed out by the finish… a very complex finish that simply begs you to experience it over and over.

I tell you… this was the first of about 4 last night and is probably my favorite.  It did take me into the bowels of hell… the label freaked me out a bit, as well, but I am back now and definitely very fond of this beer.

On a side note, the artwork on the front is amazing.  They don’t have anything on their site about this one yet, but their blog does have this to mention from Friday, May 9th:

‘Perhaps  the coolest thing we accomplished last weekend was the release of Inferno Ale.  I have been dying (not literally) to get this beer (and more importantly) the label done.  This has to be one of the most detailed pieces of label art out there.  It’s too bad that Seans painting skills get shrunk to such a small scale.  It definitely will be one of the coolest shirts we have when it’s all said and done.”

JBB6 Rating: For the Win (Pending Hall of Fame)


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