Schofferhofer weizen

Picture the scene – a warm, drowsy evening follows a scorching summer afternoon on the high plains of northern Germany. Five wandering souls stroll the tree-lined cobbled promenade that follows the path of the medieval city walls of the ancient town of Munster, capital of Westphalia and home to more students on bicycles than you can possibly imagine. Rounding a leafy bend they spy the object of their quest – beside the lake, across the highway – the bustling, laughing tables of the Kruse Baimken biergarten, haven for all who seek refreshment.

After a gentle meander through the town, an equally gentle perusal of the menu presents an obvious choice: a tall, cloudy glass of Schofferhofer weizen is what’s called for, a yeasty glass of goodness that radiates taste, charm and happiness in equal measure. Our fraulein takes our order, and with bated breath… I wait.

My expectations are not dissapointed. I’m not sure if it’s the beer alone, or the combination of location and the brew, but this wheat beer is light, refreshing and bursting full of flavour. The very definition of “zesty”, it brings to mind cloudless summer days and fields of wheat, of weary travellers taking their ease at the side of the road, of ancient German brewing wisdom passed down the ages to make this beer. Through a thick foam head I dive into the liquid gold whole-heartedly, enjoying the purity of the experience and the beer in equal measure. Come hither, biergarten maiden, and fetch me another.  


JBB6 Rating: For The Win

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3 Responses to Schofferhofer weizen

  1. Alex says:

    Hello amigo!
    Wow seeing your picture is making my mouth water! I have a question, it might sound dumb, but, I will be in munich in about a week. I was wondering if schofferhofer weizen is available there?

  2. simonpo says:

    It should be, as you can get it in bottles in Germany – but you’re going to Munich at THE perfect time, as the entire city will be full of fantastic beer for you to enjoy.

    My all-time favourite Munich brew probably has to be the Franziskaner weissbier – seek something out by them on draft, and you will be a happy Alex.

    Have an amazing trip!

  3. bohemiofilosofico says:

    yeah, you are right!! this beer is awesome! I think that if u drink this beer in Germany , you could feel the plasure of the Life

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