The Lost Abbey Judgement Day Ale

The second of two Lost Abbey beers from Sunday afternoon, The Lost Abbey Judgement Day Ale lived up to my expectations and perhaps surpassed them.  For the price, this is a fine, fine belgian dark (quad, I believe), and it will be back in the fridge for some future special occasion… or Judgement Day itself… 🙂

This beer is big.  Big and heavy.  Big, heavy, and delicious.  I found myself thinking I was drinking a wine but knowing I was drinking a beer and liking the dichotomy.  The raisins are definitely noticeable… maybe not taste wise, but they create a sweetness and viscosity that really makes this beer very drinkable for its high (10.5% ABV) alcohol content.  A dark pour, a creamy head, a smooth body, and a complex finish make this an amazing beer to be enjoyed whever you really feel like actually experiencing your beer.

JBB6 Rating: For the Win

Nice dark pour with a beautifully frothy head.

Two fine ales from a very, very respectable brewery… my advice, though… don’t Judement Day and Inferno Ale in the same afternoon… between the two of them I have had my own level of inferno for 2 days now, if you know what I mean…


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3 Responses to The Lost Abbey Judgement Day Ale

  1. The Belly says:

    So I picked up my second bottle a few weeks ago and drank it today along with a little football and chores around the house. I think this may very well be my favorite dark beer, and possibly on my top five list of all time. The 10.5% abv feels warm and toasty on a cool fall day. I love the way the thick frothy head coats the glass with a tan layer of aromatic goodness as you drink it. The only disappointment I have had with this beer is when it is gone. I think I am going to pick up a few bottles to cellar if I can stand the anticipation.

  2. dugpark says:

    I had to buy another bottle of this one again, as well… they may be a good one to have the same day we have the Folie… 🙂

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