Kasteel Donker

I really don’t like the Kasteelbier website.  I get that they are trying to provide an experience, but really… it just simply takes too long to find what you are looking for.  Ah well… Kasteel Donker (or Bruin) was the last beer of the night last Sunday… and consequently the last beer I have had since that fateful day.  I think I have recovered by now and almost had a beer tonight, but I decided to forego any chance and wait for tomorrow. 

I shared this beer with a neighbor that actually said it was one of the best beers he had ever tasted… pretty high compliments from anyone, I would say.  I tend to agree that it was good, but I wouldn’t put it up that high… potentially due to the number of beers I have tasted and my relative scale. 🙂

This beer was extremely strong and now that I see it is 11% ABV, I know why having my 3rd big bottle did me in!  A sweet, almost wine-like beer, it has the undertones of grapes or dates and but has a very smooth body and no wine aftertaste, by any means.  The sweetness leaves a less complex finish… mainly a sugary/fruity one, but it lasts and doesn’t leave you dissapointed.

Overall a fine beer that actually makes up the base of Kasteel Rouge, which I think benefits from the sourness of the cherries.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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One Response to Kasteel Donker

  1. åTAK says:

    Agreed with regard to the the Kasteel website. It’s way too slow and unfinished. The beer though (Donker) is outstanding. Burrrp! Er, scuse me!

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