Mendocino Brewing Black Hawk Stout

Still not feeling well but I must continue to take one for the team and drink some beer.  So… this is the second time this beer has been in the fridge and the first time I have tasted it.  It is also the reason I now have a sign in the fridge to let folks know that the tasting shelf is off limits. 🙂

I knew I had heard of Mendocino Brewing Company when Po wrote his review on the Eye of the Hawk Select Ale.  So, I now get a chance to taste one from this brewery and see if they are a one trick pony or not…

I am happy to say that Mendocino Brewing Black Hawk Stout is a fine beer that gives these folks 2 on the blog that are getting good reviews.  Two tricks is better than one… 🙂

Black Hawk Stout comes to us dark with a slight cream head.  It has a pronounced malt smell, even when cold, and it becomes even more aromatic as the beer warms up.  The body is relatively light.  No thick, syrupy brew here.  The taste is strong, but clean.  You can tell they used some nice roasted malt in there but the website also says they threw in some lighter ingredients, as well, which is why this isn’t overpowering.  A clean finish, as well, not long or lingering, but not too abrupt either.  Not super complex but not too simple.  Overall this is a fine brew, a fine STOUT, that I would definitely purchase again.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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2 Responses to Mendocino Brewing Black Hawk Stout

  1. J Schrider says:

    Thank you for the kind reviews. MBC celebrated its 25th year of brewing in 2008, and is mashing on to another 25. Thanks again for the hard work, but hey, someone’s got to do it.

    Looking forward,
    Jason Schrider
    Brewing Supervisor
    Mendocino Brewing Co.
    Ukiah, CA Facility

    • dugpark says:

      Hello Jason! We thank you for reading the blog. It is tough work… all the lifting and picture taking and trips back and forth to resupply… brutal… but we are stronger for it, so we march on. Cheers!

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