Radeberger pilsner

Desperate for something to cut through the pollution of the abominable Banana-flavoured Weizen I’d just consumed, my eye turned it’s eager gaze once more upon the Kruse Baimken biergarten’s menu, and settled rapidly on the name of Radeberger.

A fine pilsner would ease my troubled tongue, I hoped, and summoning the courage to place another order, I hoped the Radeberger wouldn’t let me down.

Served in a beautiful glass with a thick, creamy dollop of foam on top, this bright and lively golden liquid brought forth a resurgence of beer-love, with the hoppy fragrance twining round a boquet of floral notes and a finely-tuned hop-strong finish to leave me refreshed, re-energised, and definitely wanting more. Luckily I was in a biergarten, and help was but a salutation away…

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

Unfortunately, this is where I ran into “camera operator issues” and don’t have anything to show you – aside from this I stole found on the Internet. Hurray for the Internet!

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