Sakara Gold

 After a very dusty day pounding the streets of Cairo (where the air pollution’s so bad, you think “where’s that cigarette ash coming from?”, only to realise… it’s just the air), an enigmatic encounter with the mummified remains of Rameses II that made me feel incredibly insignificant, and a lengthy stroll along the banks of the Nile, I was more than ready for a tasty pint.

My hope’s weren’t high, I’ll have to admit – despite a long and honourable brewing history, Egypt’s not really the first place that springs to mind when you’re looking for a brew or two. That, combined with the fact that my hotel’s dry in the public areas, has pretty much put the dampers on having a really good time here.

But all was not lost – room service came up trumps with a bottle of Sakara Gold to accompany dinner – sitting on my balcony, watching the sun set behind the city and the feluccas cutting back and forth across the Nile, I enjoyed this light, refreshing lager in the setting it’s probably best enjoyed in. If only the Hilton wasn’t in the way of the pyramids, everything would have been perfect (and maybe if it had been a little stronger than a feeble 4.0%) it would have done even better.

Apparently there’s a Sakara King that clocks in at 10%. I’m on the hunt for it now.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again (when in Cairo), Middle of the Road (anywhere else)

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One Response to Sakara Gold

  1. Philip Ibrahim says:

    I like to know if you have any distribution or how can I buy Sakra Egyptian beer in California USA
    Thank you,
    Philip Ibrahim

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