Beach Bum Blonde Ale

I just happened to see this beer at Albertson’s today while picking up some teriyaki for dinner and decided I needed to give it a try – Beach Bum Blonde Ale.  I am always intigued by the big American breweries and their dabbling in smaller runs and specialty beers.  I figured this one would go the same way Wild Blue did and go straight to the bottom of the list…

I was actually quite wrong this time around and very happy about that.  It went quite well with the teriyaki, first of all (they should put *that* on their fact sheet).  Second, though, you really couldn’t taste any of the undertones they did mention on the fact sheet.

This is a solid mild beer that won’t have you begging for more but will have you ready to have another.  The initial pour was great, high head and stayed with me for a while.  The color is a deep orange gold… very appealing.  The nose is mild and unassuming.  The taste is smooth and mellow, kind of like drinking a warm cream soda but without the sweet and with 5.4% ABV.  Very simple finish but not bad by any means.

Overall, this isn’t the beer to end all beers or anything, but it is a good solid beer that doesn’t taste like piss and keeps it real enough to leave me wishing I had purchased a 6 pack instead of one bottle.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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