RJ King Wingwalker Pale Ale

Those sneaky buggers at City Brewing have done it again!  They are selling crap beer with cool labels, just like the Tap Room line.  I must applaud them, though… the bottles do catch my eye.  RJ King Wingwalker Pale Ale was one such beer that jumped out at me on the shelf at Albertson’s, so I picked it and their lager up.  I will review the lager next and oh man… that one was bad.

Either way, this wasn’t a terrible brew.  I was able to get through it pretty easy, but you can sure tell when a brewery knows how to make beer and when they don’t.  This Pale Ale was too bitter and had a terrible finish.  I almost had to just keep drinking quickly to avoid having that bad, bad aftertaste in my mouth.  This is on the low end of Middle of the road but there none-the-less.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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