Lang Creek Cherry Porter

Lang Creek Brewery really hasn’t done so well with me.  A Just Not Right and a Middle of the Road have left me less than impressed so far.  Their only saving grace is their blonde ale which I have tasted and liked and would buy again.  Other than that, their beer has been dissapointing and tonight’s Lang Creek Cherry Porter is no exception to that.

It is a dark pour.  Looks like a dark ale.  You can almosts barely smell the cherries upon opening it.  Definitely not overpowering.  So far so good.  You don’t get much head, but you get a good dark porter color.  The taste is where it fails and I can’t get past it… too much smoke, almost verging on me dying of smoke ingestion… not quite, but you get the point.  The bitter roastedness of the malt just doesn’t jive on this one.  The finish gives me a slightly chemical taste in my mouth and I wonder if I can finish the glass that is still sitting by me as I type… It isn’t quite that bad…

JBB6 Rating: Just Not Right


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