Metolius Golden Stone Amber Ale

Metolius Golden Stone Amber Ale is a fairly enigmatic brew.  Try finding a website and you will not be successful (but if you are, let us know, please).  Try following the links of the parent sites and you may get easily confused.  From what I can tell, Metolius is a brand of Pyramid and Portland Breweries.  They don’t really have any information on them, but you can piece it together from some of the other sites out on the web (good article in the Idaho Statesman).  My guess is they were bought at some point since the bottle actually says Colorado.

As far as the brews go, this one isn’t bad.  The amber was hoppy then sweet… a bit of a complexity to the body and finish that kind of kept me guessing a bit.  The hops were surprising for an amber and the sweetness almost turned me off but mellowed out just in time.  Good color, nose, and head.  Overall on the higher side of average.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road

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5 Responses to Metolius Golden Stone Amber Ale

  1. Spen says:

    I found a site with more information on this beer, hope this helps.

  2. dugpark says:

    Outstanding! Thank you very much, Spen. I swear I searched and searched for this… then again, I could have had one too many at the time. 🙂

  3. Wally says:

    Enjoying a Metolius Dolly Varden IPA as I post here. Thanks for the info, Spen.

    I think they may have re-nnamed their IPA from Cutthroat to Dolly Varden, both are names of trout in the rivers of their area and the tasting notes read almost the exact same from the bottle in my hand (Dolly Varden) to whats on the website link for Cutthroat.

    Great Beer…bringin’ on a good buzz.

  4. Pony says:

    I found the Dolly Varden somewhat unpleasant, but the Damsel Blonde Ale seems okay (I’m not an expert, by any means!) And at $4 a six pack, I’m just not in a position to complain.

  5. richard barry says:

    I think that life is too short to drink bad beer, or ale ,I recently bought some Golden Stone Ale.Here are some comments that you might consider in a search for improvement. First., there is no head. a very thin layer of wimpy foam. next, it is bitter for the sake of being bitter. (you might want to compare with a glass of Fat Tire or even American Ale). A very thin and anemic brew. My first purchase was my last one.

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