Since I had such good luck with the 12 pack of Olympia I bought the other day, I thought I might pick up another Northwest staple, Rainier.  Come to find out it isn’t actually brewed here and it is owned by Pabst, actually, but that is ok. 

I was hoping for an easy drinking beer that didn’t have the American Lager taste, but I must say these folks have failed me.  This was evident in the fact that my Coors Light loving neighbor (hey Vinny) likes Rainier Beer.  Ah well.  At least he drank most of it.

Overall, you can throw this up against Bud, Miller, PBR, etc. and you probably couldn’t tell the difference. 

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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I'm really just happy to be here on this wild ride we call life.
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