Alaskan Pale

Alaskan Brewing Company has done very well on the blog and I think Alaskan Amber is probably one of the classics, so I am inclined to have high hopes heading into just about any Alaskan beer we might run into.  Alaskan Pale didn’t make it into the exclusive club, but it did taste mighty fine and make me want to drink more. 

A staw colored brew with a smallish head, this sweet smelling beer has a mild hop taste that goes down easy and finishes clean and smooth.  Alaskan dry hops this beer according to their website and I don’t know a lot about dry hopping but I can make a guess at what it does to this beer and I like it!  Went really good with the hot night and good times in th cul-de-sac tonight.  Cheers!

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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