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Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale

Another beer from the “beer tasting” the other night.¬† I took notes on this one knowing that I would need them later… ūüôā¬† Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale¬†comes to us from Anheuser-Busch… those crazy guys that try to be craft brewers … Continue reading

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Deschutes Jubelale

I think I have recovered sufficiently to post now.¬† We had a heck of a “tasting session” the other night and¬†I haven’t been able to¬†bring myself to having a beer until tonight.¬†¬†Tip of the day: if you call it a … Continue reading

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Wild Dog Collaborator Doppelbock

There’s a wild ride coming up at work next week which I’m mostly looking forward to, but I know for sure there ain’t gonna be a lot of time for man’s best friend (or the dog), which make me kinda … Continue reading

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Dick’s Lava Rock Porter

I realized tonight that I have too many Dick’s in my fridge.¬† I bought their variety pack a while ago and just haven’t been able to make it through them all.¬† These guys really do have a huge selection! Tonight, … Continue reading

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Rogue Dad’s Little Helper

I must admit… I had my reservations heading into this one.¬† Malt liquor simply has negative connotations where I am from and I didn’t think this was going to change my mind.¬† In the end, though Rogue came through… never … Continue reading

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Fish Tale Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale

Third on the list of Fish Tale Organic Ales to try: Fish Tale Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale.¬† This one rounds out my tasting for the these folks and I am happy to report that overall it was a good … Continue reading

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Fish Tale Organic India Pale Ale

Second on the list: Fish Tale Organic India Pale Ale.¬† This was a¬†welcome follow up to the previous mildness of the Fish Tale Organic Amber¬†Ale.¬† A nice, solid IPA with a good pour leading to a 3/4 inch head on … Continue reading

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Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale

And so my quest began last night.¬† My quest to right a wrong and taste some beer along the way.¬† My quest to try all of the different organic ales from Fish Brewing Company’s Fish Tale line to see if … Continue reading

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Deschutes Cascade Ale

Have definitely been on a Deschutes kick lately.¬† Being that they are local and have a pretty good variety, it kind of makes it easy.¬† Tonight was the Deschutes Cascade Ale, which is one of their regular brews.¬† Cascade Ale … Continue reading

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Widmer Brothers Okto Oktoberfest

Second in my mini-Oktoberfest-off is Widmer Brothers Okto Oktoberfest.¬† This hearty ale has a good mix of malt and hop, coming in a bit heavier on the hop side than the previous contender, Samuel Adams¬†Octoberfest.¬† This isn’t necessarily a bad … Continue reading

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