Michelob Porter

Dark for sure, this one looked interesting so I thought I would take it for a test drive tonight… at $5.99 a six pack, it was a pretty good deal, as well. 

Michelob has been interesting to me… they obviously want to appear like a craft brewery or a micro, since they are really putting out quite a few “specialty” beers.  But I just don’t think they can get away from the big American brewery style that taints the rest of what they do.  That was not exception for Michelob Porter.

Not a bad beer, again, by any means, but it really just isn’t something that tickles my fancy.  It has a dark color, a dark body, and dark finish, but it lacks complexity and character.  You can taste the malt and the chocolate.  The coffee escapes me and while the label says raspberry and pine, I don’t get that either.

Overall not one to put in the fridge again.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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