Meister Max

A long (long, man, long!) day at the office with our hosts here in Cairo, followed by a fantastic dinner at a local restaurant with a huge selection of appetizers that could have fed an army. If only we’d known there was a main course to come, I probably wouldn’t have tried to eat everything on the table. Amazing stuff – if a Cairene ever wants to treat you to a typical Egyptian dinner, save some room at lunch and don’t hold back.

Anyway, feeling fat as a badger and needing a little rest and refreshment between courses, I opted for a cheeky bottle of Meister Max. Locally brewed by Al Ahram, but living up to it’s Germanic name, it’s a pretty standard lager with a good strong flavour and a robust ABV that held up well during the mighty tagine that arrived for the second course.

Definitely a step up from the Sakara Gold I tried earlier in the week.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again (even when not in Egypt)

PS: Sorry for the crap photo; while I do love my iPhone, the camera’s dire…

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