2008 Oktoberfest

Festival #3 for the year now under my belt, #1 for Po.  I think I have recovered fully… not sure about him.  Hope you are ok there, Po, and thanks for letting me crash on the couch so I didn’t have to drive home… that was a life-saver. 🙂

2008 Oktoberfest presented by the Washington Beer Commission

Summary: This was a jolly good festival.  We had fun, drank beer, and listened to live music (Handful of Lovin’)… doesn’t get much better than that.

Ranking: If I put this up against the other two festivals of the year, here is where it stands:

  1. 2008 Washington Brewers Festival
    1. Overall just a lot of fun with good food selection, inflatable toys for the kids, and great beer selection and quality.
  2. 2008 Seattle International Beer Fest
    1. Huge beer selection.  High beer quality.  Ok food selection.
  3. 2008 Oktoberfest presented by the Washington Beer Commission
    1. Ok beer selection.  Mediocre beer quality. Good seasonals.  One food selection (but tasty).  Live music was a plus.

Beer Reviews: Due to the sheer number tasted and our questionable judgement caused by varying degrees of soberness, we are only posting our list and our rating… all ratings are unconfirmed until we actually do a tasting… the awards, on the other hand, we feel very good about.


Ratings (based on JBB6 Rating System):

  • Hall of Fame
    • Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale (Potential – Unconfirmed)
  • For the Win
    • Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale
    • Georgetown Brewing Co. – Super Chopp
  • Will Buy Again
    • Anacortes Brewing – Anacortes Oktoberfest
    • Fish Brewing Co. Leavenworth Oktoberfest
    • Hale’s Ales Brewery – Kolsch
    • Northern Lights Brewing Co. – Chocolate Dunkel
    • Oskar Blues Brewery – Gordon
    • Pike Brewing Co. – XXXXX Stout
    • Pike Brewing Co. – Tandern
    • Ram Restaurant & Brewery – Saison
    • Rock Bottom Brewery – Mary Jane Ale
    • Two Beers Brewing Co. – Echo IPA
  • Middle of the Road
    • Alpine Brewing Co – Alpine Oktoberfest
    • Baron Brewing Co. – Baron Oktoberfest
    • Big Al Brewing Co. – Abbey Wheat
    • Boundary Bay Brewery – Harvest Ale
    • Elliott Bay Brewing Co. – Hop Harvest
    • Elliott Bay Brewing Co. – Mashing Pumpkin
    • Lazy Boy Brewing Co. – Lazy Boy Porter
    • Roslyn Brewing Co. – Roslyn
    • Snipes Mountain Brewery – IPA
    • Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co. – Harvest Moon
  • Just Not Right
    • Snipes Mountain Brewery – Cask IPA
    • Two Beers Brewing Co. – Fest Beer
  • Not Even for Free
    • Diamond Knot Brewing Co. – Possession Porter
    • Ram Restaurant & Brewery – Gruit

Pictured Below: A few of the festival from out by the fences.

Pictured Below: The beer can beenbag toss… toss a can of your favorite Oskar Blues canned beer at the open keg.  Winner = the best out of two tosses.  Great fun to watch as the cans would either hit the nails that are sticking out all around the keg or just expload as the hit the ground, spraying everyone in sight.

Pictured Below: Handful of Lovin’


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