Deschutes Cascade Ale

Have definitely been on a Deschutes kick lately.  Being that they are local and have a pretty good variety, it kind of makes it easy.  Tonight was the Deschutes Cascade Ale, which is one of their regular brews.  Cascade Ale is a pale ale that smells sweet, tastes sweet, and leaves just a little teeny bit of sour in the finish… It is also silky smooth with just a little tingle on the tongue.  Keeping this from the upper echelons of our blog rating system, though, is the ever so slight watered down taste I get as I make it past the half way mark and into the home stretch.  No… not backwash… truly a bit watered down.

Still, I wouldn’t turn it down if offered.  I just won’t actively search it out.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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2 Responses to Deschutes Cascade Ale

  1. Mike Pearce says:

    My girlfriend and I toured their brewery in Bend and it was a blast. We had dinner at their restaurant downtown that serves up one of a kind brews that they don’t bottle. I’m indifferent to their entire lineup.

    Have you been to Three Creeks in Sisters?

  2. dugpark says:

    We used to drive through Sisters on the way to Lincoln City each year when I was young, but I haven’t been there since I took up the brew. Good stuff? I would love to go on an Oregon brewery tour some time. There is some good stuff down there that I know I would enjoy. Deschutes definitely being one of them. Thanks for making me jealous. 🙂

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