Fish Tale Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale

Third on the list of Fish Tale Organic Ales to try: Fish Tale Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale.  This one rounds out my tasting for the these folks and I am happy to report that overall it was a good experience.  Two Will Buy Agains and one Middle of the Road is nothing to sneaze at and I like to support the local folks.

As far as this particular beer is concerned, it had an itsy bitsy miniature head and a sweet, floral smell.  The hops hit hard at first but mellow out and leave a smooth and clean finish.  Just slightly more mellow than their IPA, this beer is on the higher end of the pales that I have tasted as far as hoppiness goes.

Overall a fine beer that would go really well with fish and chicken, or anything with a citrus compliment.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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