Dick’s Lava Rock Porter

I realized tonight that I have too many Dick’s in my fridge.  I bought their variety pack a while ago and just haven’t been able to make it through them all.  These guys really do have a huge selection!

Tonight, then, was my first Dick’s for some time…  Dick’s Lava Rock Porter.  I have to admit that their labels lack something… maybe a little pizzaz or retro-cool look would help… right now it keeps that old school inkjet printer look that I admit turns me off a little… ah well… at least it has no impact on their beer flavor that I know of.

So, the Lava Rock Porter was a pretty good choice.  I actually think this one had one of the best all around noses I have had in a while… it was very telling of the actual taste of the beer, which I enjoy.  Dark and rich, but not so much as to be too malty, this one smelled really good.  Taste was right in line.  Again with the dark roasted malt but balanced by some pretty decent hops.  I would put this one up there… definitely if you like a hoppier porter.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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