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Caguama Cerveza

Caguama Cerveza, (caguama = sea turtle) brewed by Cerveceria La Constancia, comes to us as the season is about to change for the worse… and I can’t think of a more fitting beer.  Ok… it wasn’t something that had to … Continue reading

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Spaten Oktoberfest

According to the Spaten website, Spaten Oktoberfest is the first Oktoberfest beer in the world, started in 1872.  I don’t have any reason to think they are lying with us, so lets run with it. I bought the world’s first oktoberfest … Continue reading

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Full Sail Prodigal Sun IPA

On a fine fall day in the not so distant past, I thought to open a bottle that glowed like the beautiful leaves on the trees around me… Full Sail Prodigal Sun IPA.  Part of their Brewmaster’s Reserve, I found … Continue reading

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Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws

From the Hair of the Dog Brewing Company in Portland comes this rollocking bottle of fun, full of the 2007 vintage Doggie Claws barley wine style ale (try saying that after you’ve have a few). Let’s not beat around the … Continue reading

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Issaquah Brewery Roe Ale

We had a good tasting in the office the other day.  Justin found this little gem at Salmon Days in Issaquah, WA.  Issaquah Brewery Roe Ale comes to us from the Issaquah Brewery folks, which is one of the Rogue locations.  … Continue reading

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Erdinger Oktoberfest Weizen

From the world’s largest wheat beer brewery comes this crafty little number, a handsome weizen dressed up in Oktoberfest clothes to cash in on America’s favourite beer marketing event. Nice move by Erdinger, and you really can’t blame them for … Continue reading

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Twin Rivers Brewing IPA

The second beer I had at Twin Rivers brewing just so happend to be the Twin Rivers Brewing IPA.  More information about Twin Rivers Brewing here: Twin Rivers Brewing Russian Imperial Stout. This one was yeasty again… they need to pull … Continue reading

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Blanche de Bruxelles

 Ah, Belgian white beers – something of an acquired taste, and something I like to get my hands on now and again. Not having seen many examples of them around here in the old Pacific NW, I was pleased to … Continue reading

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Redhook Double Black

Drum roll please… budubudubudubudubu…  ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… come one, come all to witness this spectacular event… the official JustBeer tasting of Redhook Double Black.  <trumpet-cymbal> Ok… so that wasn’t really how it happened, but we did have it … Continue reading

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Twin Rivers Brewing Russian Imperial Stout

Yes, folks… there truly is a brewery in Monroe, WA – The brewery only serves at the Sailfish Bar & Grill in downtown, but they do serve.  The selection is pretty solid with a Russian Imperial Stout, an I.P.A., a … Continue reading

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