Oh Happy Day #3 – Bell’s Brewery

What a week.  Our friend and coworker just happens to have a brother that lives and works in Chicago and he was so very very kind as to send us something special… actually a few special things:

  1. A couple of two-fours of Bell’s Brewery beer (porter, stout, amber, and summer wheat)
  2. Some BBQ Sauce (original and mustard q)
  3. Some Rub (name?)

This act of kindness and respect for the blog absolutely deserves a new Oh Happy Day post and some kudos/call outs. 🙂

First, thanks Jaret for the hook up.  You are a good man… no matter what folks say about you.

Second, thanks to Derek Rettell for individually bubble-wrapping each beer and throwing in the other sides.  You must really like your brother… but we won’t dwell on that one. 🙂  The Smoke Daddy website is outstanding, by the way.  Just checking it out makes me want to fly to Chicago and eat at one of your many eateries, D.O.C. Wine Bar included… 🙂

Third, thanks to Bell’s Brewery… not for sending us anything, but for making fantastic beer. I just now had my second one and am very, very happy.  Look for posts on the beer from Po and I in the very near future.

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7 Responses to Oh Happy Day #3 – Bell’s Brewery

  1. Chipper Dave says:

    It’s so sad that Bell’s Brewery won’t be at the GABF this year. I was so looking forward to tasting some of their brews again. It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Michigan and Bell’s Amber and Porter were some I really enjoyed. Hope they come out next year.

  2. dugpark says:

    I am just jealous that you get GABF in the first place. I believe our fests are pretty piddly next to that. They aren’t bad, of course, but yeah… we will have to make it down there some day. We just need to find a sponsor somewhere… 🙂

  3. Mike Pearce says:

    Can you provide any tips on shipping “products” to like-minded family members?

  4. dugpark says:

    Thanks for the note, Mike. I am looking into this. It is going to vary from state to state… check out the below page at Realbeer for their tips… I am contacting some folks to see if I can get more information.



  5. dugpark says:

    Ok… checked on this and this is what they say… from Washington State, the liquor control board let me know that they don’t see any issues in shipping beer if you aren’t selling it, as long as the receiving state can receive it. So… check with the to and from states and if they both approve it, you are good to go. I do know that the beer that gets sent to us comes via UPS, so you should be able to ship via them. Just make sure you pack it good. 🙂

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