Bell’s Brewery Amber Ale

The first of the brews from Bell’s that I worked out with Po on writing about.  He gets the stout and the wheat ale and I get the amber and the porter… pretty good deal, I say. 🙂 

So, raise a glass with me (hopefully full of this wonderful beer) and read on about Bell’s Brewery Amber Ale.

Dug’s Tasting Notes:

A gorgious golden-copper color poors out of this fancy bird decorated bottle, showing off high carbonation and a 1.5 inch head.  The nose is mildly hoppy and the first taste is mellow… mellow in a great way, though.  You can feel the hops on the edges of your tongue… flitting around, teasing you.  The finish is smooth and just as mellow as the body, leaving you with an ever so slight tang.  This is truly the embodiment of a good Amber Ale and may be at the top of the list in a lineup.  Mug shot below.

JBB6 Rating: For the Win (potential Hall of Fame)



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