Widmer Brothers Brrr

Following up on Oh Happy Day #4, we bring you the official post for the tasting of the brew:

Widmer Brothers Brrr (not on the site yet)

First things first… this beer has a very unique nose.  It is a bit earthy and hard to put a finger on.  If anyone figures it out, let us know, please. 🙂  The body is smooth, mild, and mellow with some tang on the tip of the tongue.  Hoppy, but not floral or fruity like an IPA… the malts offset it pretty well.  Can’t really taste too much on the spice side, but you know they are in there.  In the end, this almost reminds me of a tangy Rye beer.

The thing to remember on this one, as well, is that this is all coming at you with a 7.2% ABV, which is no low number.  Brrr warmed me right up and gave me a light little head as I drank even the one bottle. 

Good beer, high alcohol, Brrr will definitely keep you warm on those cold winter nights.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


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3 Responses to Widmer Brothers Brrr

  1. Chipper Dave says:

    I looked for that beer here in Colorado but have yet to see it. Perhaps they don’t distribute here or my store doesn’t carry it. I love this time of year when the winter seasonals start rolling out. Would like to try that sometime.

  2. The Belly says:

    I would buy this again. It’s a good winter warmer, lot’s of hops and some spice, but definitely not an IPA. I think because I drank it from the bottle and not from the glass I missed some of the nose. It would be better from a glass that opens up the aroma. I have only my self to blame, fat guy with a buzz, flimsy folding chair, fire, and glassware don’t really mix.

  3. dugpark says:

    Dave, I don’t think it is officially out yet… check later in the month and early November for when it gets officially released. You should definitely try it… it should warm the belly in the cold months of Colorado… 🙂

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