Twin Rivers Brewing Russian Imperial Stout

Yes, folks… there truly is a brewery in Monroe, WA – The brewery only serves at the Sailfish Bar & Grill in downtown, but they do serve.  The selection is pretty solid with a Russian Imperial Stout, an I.P.A., a Vienna Lager, a Pale Ale, and a Golden Wheat.  Root Beer, Ginger Beer, and Cream Soda all brewed here, as well… 20oz for $4.00 is a steal for some American Craft beer.

The first beer tasted there was the Russian Imperial Stout.  It is smooth and creamy, similar to a Guinness.  Thick milky brown head that stays up and follows the outside edge of the glass as I drink.  Slight dark ruby cast.   Interesting that I can taste the yeast on this dark stout… not used to that in this type.  Also has a hoppy edge to it.  Overall not a bad brew, but the yeast and the hops don’t compliment the creamy dark malt and barley and take this down a notch to Middle of the Road…

As noted in their menu, “The big big black brew with roast, smoke, and coffee flavors on nitrogen for a rich creamy texture.”  6.0% ABV 85 IBU’s 107 HCU’s

To go with this, I had the soup and asked for some bread to go with it:

Soup – Sweet Potato, Corn, & Jalapeno – $4.00 – Outstanding!  Creamy yellow with chunks of corn and a mild-medium spice that warms the mouth and belly and asks you to keep eating more.

Bread – complimentary and tasty, as well.

All in all, not a bad place to hang out for an afternoon, have some lite fair, and tip back a few pints.  The beer isn’t outstanding but it isn’t bad, either.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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