Redhook Double Black

Drum roll please… budubudubudubudubu…  ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… come one, come all to witness this spectacular event… the official JustBeer tasting of Redhook Double Black.  <trumpet-cymbal>

Ok… so that wasn’t really how it happened, but we did have it for lunch today, both Po and I, and I have to say we both rather liked it. 🙂  We weren’t on the ground in ecstasy, but we were both very pleasantly satisfied with Redhook’s latest offering. 

Truth be told, I had about 8 of these the night of the official release party on 10/8 (picture below).  That was a wonderful time when we were able to purchase them for $2 a pint and I actually won a shirt… go me.  They had a band going called boogilistics, and much merriment.  I actually bought a copy of their CD since I really kind of liked their sound.  Even the next day. 🙂  I have been waiting since that time to post this because I really wanted to get the tasting right and not skew it do to the amounts partaken that night.  So here you go…

Definitely a coffee beer, this one has the nose of coffee, the taste of coffee, and the finish of coffee.  It is in the finish that you notice it the most, right in the back of your throat, although when it was fresh and cold out of the glass, it had that iced coffee kick to it.  Very solid.  As it warmed up, you could feel it mellow out and the full flavor come to light.  That and the pairing with the Dagoba Organic Chocolate and it left me really satisfied after the glass was long empty.

Overall a solid offering from Redhook and one I will look for in the store later this month and into early November.

More info here: Oh Happy Day #5 – Redhook Double Black Stout

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

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