Issaquah Brewery Roe Ale

We had a good tasting in the office the other day.  Justin found this little gem at Salmon Days in Issaquah, WAIssaquah Brewery Roe Ale comes to us from the Issaquah Brewery folks, which is one of the Rogue locations.  We poured around 4 glasses and started the tasting. 

Subtle smells of the malts came through first with some hops in there for good measure.  You could tell the emphasis was on getting an interesting mix from the many and varied malts used and the brewers did a good job.  This beer is very mild but has enough complexity to round it out very nicely.  I mean, if you are easing someone into beer, this would be a really good candidate for some early tasting. 

Another solid offering from the folks at Rogue/Issaquah Brewery.

From the Bottle since there isn’t a lot of info out there about this beer:

13 Ingredients: 2-Row, Dark Munich, Light Munich, Vienna, Victory, Cara Munich, Crystal, Honey, & Wheat Malts; Crystal, Centennial Hops, Free Range Coastal Water, & Top Fermenting Pacman Yeast.  No Chemicals, Additives, OR Preservatives

Tawny amber in color with a coffee aroma and a tight head.  A delicate flavor with a roasted malt accent, generous use of hops and a smooth finish.

12.58° Plato – 24 IBUs – 79 AA – 5.4% Alc/Vol

Oregon Brewed – Established 1988 – Oxygen Fixing Caps

JBB6 Rating: For the Win

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